Boot Camp


Program designed for individuals interested in starting a nonprofit organization and early stage organizations that want to learn how to start.

The weekend boot camp offers all the knowledge you need to start your organization based on best practices.

You are:

  • A small organization in the initial steps

  • An individual with an amazing idea to start a nonprofit organization or 

  • An individual who wants to learn how nonprofit organizations work.

You want:

To learn how to start a nonprofit organization and need guidance to get from ideation to incorporation, securing initial funding and leverage best practices.

You get: 

  • 4 hours of training that covers all the basic topics you need to start your organization. 

  • Connect with other nonprofit leaders

  • Tools to help you scale your organization after you work with us

Program Topics

The bootcamp covers the main topics that you need to know before starting a nonprofit organization.

  • How to decide your tax filing status

  • How to file your 1023 forms to become a 501C3

  • Research Methods and Experimental Design

  • Applying for initial funding

  • How to create your Strategic plan?

  • Define your programs

  • Impact measure in the early stages

  • Collect the right data from your clients

  • Sector Best Practices

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Our programs are currently based in the Los Angeles area. We are hoping to be able to expand soon. In the meantime, please register for our newsletter or visit our blog. We have amazing content that could help your organization or explore the services offered by our sister company Mockingbird Analytics